Much of what we love about Spider Lake is at risk.  Eurasian Watermilfoil and its newer, stronger cousin, HEWM are known for their ability to destroy all water activities including fishing, boating and swimming, while decimating wildlife habitat.  These destructive weeds have already established themselves in many lakes that surround the Spider Chain of Lakes.  Efforts to remove these invasive species are extremely costly, time consuming, and largely unsuccessful.  Experts predict that it is only a matter of time before our beloved Spider Chain of Lakes is hit.

Spider Lake continues to have excellent water quality and phosphorous levels remain consistently below levels of concern.  Increases in nutrient and phosphorous runoff from fertilizers and impervious surfaces would have a significant negative impact on flora, fauna and water quality.  

Strong leadership and action by SCLA has and can continue to make a difference and slow down negative impacts on our environment.


SCLA funds its mission activities from several sources, including grants, member dues, event fees and funds made available from the Endowment.  We currently have a 25% funding gap, which could be closed by fully funding the Endowment (to its goal of $800,000).  SCLA leaders are actively considering and pursuing strategies to close the funding gap. 

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