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Over 80 SCLA members and friends gathered for the Annual Member Picnic at Boulder Lodge. Great food, wonderful community, and several games of "corn hole" complemented the beautiful setting and weather. Thank you Lili, Katie and Lynn for your creative leadership and thank you ALL volunteers, who helped create this fun event.


Many thanks to the Education Committee volunteers for the 2023 S.L.E.E.K program on Saturday July 8.  Children searched for live insects and discovered what makes these critters so important for pollination and all living things in our backyard. Naturalists from the Cable Natural History Museum led the interactive morning with help from SCLA volunteers.

Colorful bug nets were provided. Many parents and grandparents joined the educational activities, which made the day both a FAMILY and EDUCATIONAL event!

My Shoreline Week Back in 2023!

My Shoreline Week highlights the importance of preserving and protecting the beautiful Spider Chain of Lakes.  This year the focus is on our Lake Monitor Program. Forty five lake monitors from 27 families paddle sections of shoreline areas to scout for aquatic invasive species (AIS).  This early detection helps defend  the lakes from devastating impact to the water and watershed.  Eurasian watermilfoil (EWM), which is NOT in the Spider Chain of Lakes, can become so restrictive that it limits boating and swimming.  Being a lake monitor requires only SIX HOURS PER YEAR, and it is FUN!  You get to do what you already do here - paddle or boat ride -- with the ability to ascertain the difference between invasive and non-invasive species.  Contact Dave Mickelson ( for more information).



Over 50 boats joined the 2023 4th of July Boat Parade on Little Spider. Thank you Commodore Jerry Keating, soloist Olivia Nelson, the Mamminga family band and Shay Berkowitz and Phyllis Wiener who helped make this gathering possible!

Check out the 1st ever Comprehensive Lake Management Plan and the Property Owner Survey for detailed information on how we can all protect the Spider Chain of Lakes and what property owners consider to be the most important attributes of the lakes.

Spider Chain of Lakes Association (SCLA) is the only organization dedicated exclusively to preserving and protecting the Spider Lake Chain.

The SCLA mission is a shared responsibility to preserve and protect the pristine Spider Chain of Lakes for future generations.                                                                        

    What's New On The Lake?


    Share the SCLA FAMILY LEGACY FILM with YOUR family (encourage them to JOIN SCLA so they can log-in and Watch it here.  You must be an active member to access).  This delightful film captures the essence of one family's life on Spider Lake through four generations.



    Yellow Flag Iris (YFI) is present on the Spider Chain of Lakes.  It is a fast-growing and fast-spreading poisonous land based invasive primarily found on shoreline.  YFI can outcompete other wetland plants, forming almost impenetrable thickets in much the same way that cat-tails do.  Small clumps can be dug out, though this is only effective if the rhizomes are entirely removed.  Mowed plants will regenerate from the rhizomes, so plants must be cut multiple times to exhaust their energy reserves.  The sap may cause skin irritation, so gloves should be worn when handling cut or otherwise damaged stems.  For more information go to the LAKE MANAGEMENT/Spider Chain Invasive Species page on this website.

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