Spider Chain of Lakes Association (SCLA) is the only organization dedicated exclusively to preserving and protecting the Spider Lake Chain.


    The Spider Chain of Lakes Association's mission is a shared responsibility to preserve and protect the Spider Ch ain of Lakes for future generations.

    Click here or below to find the Spring issue of Spider Lines, containing the President's letter, the 2019 Events Calendar, information about northern pike, the Point Intercept study results and more!

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      Share our FAMILY LEGACY FILM with YOUR family (encourage them to JOIN SCLA so they can log-in and Watch here.  You must be an active member to access).  This delightful film captures the essence of one family's life on Spider Lake through four generations.

      Take Action!                                                             Check your shoreline for Aquatic Invasive Species!


      Yellow Flag Iris is a beautiful plant, but it is an undesirable aquatic invasive species that can quickly crowd out native vegetation.  During “My Shoreline Week” in 2019 (June 9-16), the AIS Committee has decided to focus on control of YFI and to increase awareness of the harm this plant can do to our chain of lakes.

      Please join the effort to mitigate the spread of Yellow Flag Iris on the Spider Chain of Lakes.

      • Here is what you can do! 

      • 1.     Survey your lakeshore for Yellow Flag Iris, now and through the middle of July. 
      • 2.    Take photos, mark and report locations of Yellow Flag Iris to keller.stillwater@comcast.net, or to any SCLA Lake Monitor in your area of the lakes. 
      • 3.    Highest priority is to prevent further spread by cutting off the flower heads and /or seed pods and disposing of the cuttings in garbage bags. Do not compost.Take the bags to the Township waste collection and let them know they contain Yellow Flag Iris. The disposal will be free.
      • 4.    If possible, dig out the entire plant including the tuberous root system, and dispose per above. 

      Caution:  Wear protective clothing, rubber gloves, and long sleeves when cutting or removing plants. Yellow Flag Iris is poisonous to humans and animals and can cause a severe skin reaction.


      We need you!  Let us count the ways you can get involved! - - see them HERE!   

      Questions? Please send us a note at spiderchainoflakes@gmail.com


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