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Be A FISH tier Member - World record musky ($3K), Keeper Musky ($2k), Musky ($1.5K), Walleye ($600), Bass ($350), Bluegill ($125)!

Membership in Spider Chain of Lakes Association (SCLA) is a small dollar investment in a big MISSION.   Annual dues of $25 cover only a small portion (less than 10%) of SCLA annual costs.  Eligibility for membership includes property owners on the Spider Chain of Lakes or property owners within one mile of the Spider Chain of Lakes.

The "per member cost" is estimated to be over $400 annually.  If you wish to cover the estimated "per member cost" of our mission activities please join or renew at a level that allows us to cover our costs of protecting the lakes.  In 2022 SCLA spent $30,000 on boat inspections for over five months to attempt to keep our lakes free of invasive species.

SCLA annual expenses are roughly $70,000 and at the $25/year level, dues generate less than 10% of our costs.  Renewing or joining at of the "Fish Tier Memberships" below will provide gifts to help us rely less on fundraising to fund our mission activities:
              • WORLD RECORD MUSKY: $3,000
              • KEEPER MUSKY: $2,000
              • MUSKY: $1,500
              • BASS: $350
              • WALLEYE: $600
              • BLUEGILL: $125

ALL FISH TIER Membership gifts go directly to fund operating expenses. 

If you prefer to contribute to the endowment and/or emergency reserve, indicate that on your memo line.  All gifts to the Preserve & Protect Annual Giving Program will be divided 2/3 to Endowment and 1/3 to the Emergency Reserve Fund.

 Click DONATE here or go to the above DONATE TAB for more details on how to give and how we manage your gifts.  SCLA is a 501(c)3 corporation organized in the state of Wisconsin.  Donations and dues are tax deductible where allowed by law.

We are dedicated to preserving and protecting our lakes for future generations.  Your gifts fund SCLA expenses to:

        • Prevent invasive species, including training & paying boat inspectors at public launches
        • Monitor the quality and health of water & wildlife habitat; train lake monitors
        • Sponsor Environmental Education Programs such as S.L.E.E.K* and Wine & Wisdom
        • Monitor & Treat invasives: eg: Yellow Flag Iris, Curly Leaf Pondweed, Purple Loosestrife
        • Publish & Distribute SpiderLines newsletter to strengthen our community
        • Host the SCLA Annual Meeting, Picnic and 4th of July Boat Parade

* S.L.E.E.K. is Spider Lake Environmental Education for Kids - an annual, interactive program we sponsor in conjunction with naturalists from Cable Natural History Museum for kids and adults.  Click PROJECTS tab above for more information on SLEEK and other projects.

Become a member and help us live up to this statement by Jacob Macholl, Lake Scientist, “The Spider Chain of Lakes is one of the most beautiful and pristine lakes we have ever seen, especially compared to all the others we have been on in our line of work, and it is due in part to your great efforts to keep it that way.  We are often approached for help after problems appear on the lake. Because of your pro-activity and prevention efforts, many of those problems have been avoided.”

If you pay or donate online, SCLA pays almost 3% to PayPal.  If you wish to save us 3%, please add 3%.  Or, if your gift is large, you can send us a check with your contact information (include your email) payable to SCLA, P.O. Box 1082, Hayward, Wisconsin 54843.

SCLA is a Wisconsin 501(c) Corporation and Dues and Donations are Deductible Where Allowed by Law.

Spider Chain of Lakes Association
PO Box 1082 • Hayward, WI 54843
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